31 March 2011

My first sale at Zazzle!

Cute Children's Cartoon CircusBirthday Card

Today, I am celebrating my first sale on Zazzle - while it certainly isn't the sale of the century, it has still made my day! Here it is...

Celebrate your child's birthday with this cute cartoon circus Birthday card with a clown, lion and elephant standing outside the circus tent. The text can be easily customised to make the perfect personalised card for any kid's birthday. The number 4 balancing on the nose of the elephant can be changed to the age of the birthday boy or girl.

30 March 2011

Spring Bunny Happy Easter by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

It's Spring and it's Easter!

Celebrate Easter and spring with this cute cartoon Easter bunny rabbit on a sunny spring day. The text can be easily changed to create a truly personalized gift and card.

23 March 2011

Cartoon Pink Elephant Star Stickers by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cute pink baby elephant

Cute cartoon baby pink elephant design with colorful stars in the background - perfect for anyone who loves cute elephants. The text can be easily customized for your child's name to make these very special stickers! These would be perfect as reward stickers for potty training your youngster.

22 March 2011

Soccer Boy Goal by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cute cartoon soccer player blue and white

Soccer stars will love this great soccer design, with a young soccer player dressed in blue and white stripes holding a soccer ball. Fully customizable for the rising star in your family.

18 March 2011

Cute Easter Lamb with Eggs by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cartoon Easter Lamb with Eggs and Tulips

Wish family and friends a Happy Easter with this cute spring cartoon design, featuring an Easter lamb in a field with colorful tulips and a baby chick. Easter eggs are laying in the long grass waiting to be found during the easter egg hunt. The text can be easily customized for your own needs.

6 March 2011

Outer Space 1 Birthday Magnet by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cute Space Travel Birthday Design

A cute Birthday design with a spaceship flying through the sky with a planet and stars. The picture is surrounded with a red border with three white stars on each side on a blue background. The text can be customized for your own special occasion.

4 March 2011

Cartoon Easter Rabbit with Stripes by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cute easter bunny with an easter egg

A sweet easter design featuring a cute cartoon easter bunny holding an easter egg in its arms on a background of spring pastel stripes. Customize this to make a unique card this easter.

2 March 2011

Pink Polka Dots Blonde Rollerskating Superstar by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Cute cartoon rollerskater design

Perfect for the young girl who loves rollerskating, featuring a blonde haired girl rollerskating with a pink polka dot background. The text shows the words, "Rollerskating Superstar", which can be easily customized to suit your own needs.

1 March 2011

Ballerina Princess Pink Button by CelebrationBazaar at Zazzle

Pretty in Pink Ballerina

Cute ballet design featuring a ballerina in a pink leotard in a ballet pose on a pink and cream background. The text is fully customizable to suit your own needs. Perfect for the young ballerina in your life.